GPP Forum: Shanghai

30th October - 1st November 2017

The 2017 Global Power and Propulsion Society's Asia and Middle East Forum is to be held in Shanghai, China.

Prominent keynote speakers will address representatives from across the industry to exchange new research results as well as explore the impact of new disruptive technologies on their respective fields.

Further information regarding registration and a pre-program will be published here soon, as well as distributed via the GPPS Mailing list.
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The 2017 Forum is to be hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a world-class engineering school committed to high-level education and cutting edge research. Established in 1896 as Nanyang Public School by an imperial edict issued by the Guangxu Emperor, the university is one of the first national institutions of higher learning in China, and renowned as one of the oldest, most prestigious and selective universities in China. It is one of the nine members in the C9 League of universities.



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There are two airports in Shanghai, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the other is Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Pudong airport is major serves international flights to more than 90 countries and more than 72 flights to domestic cities.

With an area of 40 square kilometers, Pudong International Airport is in the eastern part of shanghai, 30km from the center of the city and 40km from the rainbow bridge airport.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, located in the west of shanghai, 13kms form the city center, The airport has been considered as the port of shanghai airport flights for years. Since 1996, it has got several first prizes in the activities like "the civil aviation in the travelers' eyes" organized by the civil aviation department.



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